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Founded in 1994, Greentronics offers a range of innovative products for improving equipment performance and for measuring and managing crop production and storage. Sonar sensors are used to measure distance. Electronic circuitry then controls equipment positioning: sprayer booms, harvester booms, planting depth, tote fillers, etc. Load cells are used to measure weight and flow rates in any type of conveyor and on harvesters. Data are used to report load weights, crop performance, inventory management, and yield mapping. A geo-tracking product is available for accurate field-to-storage mapping with a wide range of reports for farm performance and efficiency.


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Downloadable materials

Fertilizer Application Rate Monitor.pdf

Brochure Harvester Boom Height Control.pdf

Brochure RiteTrace GeoTracking.pdf

Conveyor Scale on Cloud Server for Harvest reporting.pdf

Conveyor Scale connected to Cloud Server for Shipping reports.pdf

Brochure RiteHeight Sprayer Boom height Control.pdf

Brochure RiteWeight Scale and CloudServer.pdf

Brochure RiteYield Yield Monitor.pdf

Brochure RiteTilt Auto Tilt Controller.pdf

Instruction Manual_Scale and Yield Monitor Rev1_31A.pdf

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