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Founded in 2020, Picketa Systems is a leading agricultural technology company that specializes in the development of the Leaf-Estimated Nutrient Systems, known as "LENS," for near real-time analysis of macronutrients and micronutrients in potatoes. Our innovative technology has revolutionized the way agronomists and individual growers analyze potato plant nutrients during the growing season. 


With Picketa Systems' LENS, agronomists and growers can now perform cost-effective, rapid, and independent potato plant nutrient analysis without relying on laboratories. Our same-day diagnostic feature provides instant nutrient estimates for potato plants, eliminating the long delays associated with traditional laboratory testing. Within seconds of completing a scan, our technology accurately assesses the nutrient levels, providing actionable insights for optimal fertilizer management.  In addition to our groundbreaking LENS technology, Picketa Systems has developed an intuitive online data management platform to enhance user experience. Our user-friendly portal displays concise petiole nutrient data, facilitating data sharing among growers and agronomy professionals. Furthermore, our platform offers a range of built-in features, including season-over-season data management, data comparison, and in-depth analysis tools. This comprehensive solution empowers our users to make informed decisions based on reliable data, leading to improved crop yields and efficient fertilizer management practices.


At Picketa Systems, we pride ourselves on being customer-centric. We are dedicated to understanding the unique needs and challenges of our users, allowing us to continuously refine and enhance our technologies. Our commitment to customer satisfaction drives us to develop cutting-edge solutions that have a direct and positive impact on fertilizer management in the agricultural industry. Join the ever-growing community of agronomy professionals and growers who trust Picketa Systems for their nutrient analysis needs. Experience the power of our LENS technology and the convenience of our data management platform. Together, let's unlock the full potential of your potato crops while maximizing your productivity and profitability.


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