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AIR Program, the fungal disease management tool the most used in North America. Spore trapping and weather risk indicator. Our mandate is to provide scientific evidence on the capture of spores, used by different  agricultural stakeholders to integrate this empirical information in a fungal disease management strategy. We operate this program composed of two tools (spore capture and weather risk indicator) which are original, and which could not be more relevant in 2020. The program is a supplier of raw data for analysis by producers, agronomists or algorithms, which correlates an increasingly important need, especially with the growth of global management tools / platforms offered to producers.The program can and will be able to justify, scientifically, the necessary sprayings. We are not opposed to the use of fungicides, but to promote use as needed. We do not provide any recommendation or other indicator favoring intervention or non-intervention. We are independent and impartial. Our program has proven quick returns to investments as early as one season.


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